Eastern Shore Rural Health
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Company Overview

ESRHS is a Community Health Center (CHC), a not-for-profit, primary care practice, located in a medically-underserved area.  We are part of a national network of nearly 1,500 CHCs. There are over 140 community health center sites in Virginia, providing 300,000 patient visits annually.


Our organization network consists of five medical facilities, (Atlantic CHC, Bayview CHC, Chincoteague Island CHC, Franktown CHC and Onley CHC) with a provider staff, an administrative staff, and a large health education component.  Our philosophy is deeply entrenched in prevention of disease and promotion of health.  We have strong ties with all strata of our community and offer programs which build a sense of personal responsibility for one’s own health.


The Atlantic CHC and Onley CHC facilities are both new facilities with an innovative floor plan.  We are currently in the middle of a capital campaign to build a new facility in Eastville, which is expected to open in early 2019 and will replace both the Franktown CHC and Bayview CHC.  These 24,000 square foot facilities are state of the art in terms of design and equipment including digital x-ray.  They are built to withstand Category 3 hurricane force winds and are fully generated so that we can partner with our local health department, hospital and first responders to use the facilities as Neighborhood Emergency Help Center sites.  The new Eastville CHC will also offer an on-site pharmacy for our patients.


ESRHS has a working partnership with Accomack County Public Schools to provide dental services for elementary and secondary school children.  We have two school dental units on the campuses of elementary school and take portable dental chairs to the other schools.  All life-cycle dental care began June 2002 in our Franktown Community Health Center and in 2013 at our new Atlantic Community Health Center.  Our dental program is continuing to expand, and Eastville CHC will offer a special dental operatory for patients with disabilities, increasing their access to dental care.

Our organization has served Accomack & Northampton counties (population of approximately 45,000) since 1976.  Our purpose is to provide medical care to this underserved area.  ESRHS has a medical practice that seeks clinicians and other staff to serve the community’s needs.  We have a practice wherein the clinician and staff act as managers of the facility, making key decisions, based upon established company policy and guidelines.  A participatory style of management is encouraged, with the organization welcoming creative minds and new, innovative ideas.


ESRHS is governed by a Board of 13 members, representing both counties.  The Board is active and provides strong leadership and ties with the community.  They are involved in overseeing and monitoring the financial health of the organization; they adopt policy; remain current with all programs taking place under our management; act as liaisons in the community; and encourage our organization to seek further ways to serve the population.  They are dedicated to our centers and the service they deliver to the needy patients, as well as fee-for-service patients, keeping the organization’s focus on progression toward the mission statement.


In addition, we work closely with other organizations and agencies in our area, networking in order to establish close ties with other professionals and to offer the best possible services to our community.  ESRHS is an intricate part and more often the instigator of health education efforts on the Shore.


ESRHS is proud of its positive impact upon the health care and both medical and dental services in our area.  We are keepers of the keys to health education and a leader in providing skilled, caring, professional medical services to the Shore.